Nourishment Challenge

It's one of those times when I need a little extra care. A bit more tenderness.

So I decided to do a Nourishment Challenge. Every day this month, I'm going to 1) pray, first thing in the morning, with a member of my family 2) eat when I'm hungry 3) record the other little ways I was nourished that day.

If you're inspired, you could comment on the ways you were nourished today, and every day. I need community accountability for this.

Thank you to my wonderful family with being my partners this month: mom, Auntie Deb, Auntie Donnie , Auntie Gwendolyn , Mama Kate , Uncle Sterling Charles, and Uncle Ira . I love y'all.

Day 1: I prayed with Auntie Donnie today. In front of our backyard tree, in the morning mist. She's a gangster. 

I made a green smoothie this morning, got myself up and went to lunch, and just finished breakfast for dinner. I ate enough today. I feel good about that.

Other little nourishments:

My sweet friend Ayanna texted me to see how I was. She holds me so well, never making me feel guilty for being busy or taking space.

Soft classical music on Pandora while reading for work.

I'm feeling strong. Looking forward to day 2.