Nourishment Challenge Day 15

Prayer Reflection: It's been hard to pray on the phone while I'm on the East Coast. But I'm glad for the rain. I'm glad that I can still pray with the rain.

A big theme of my days has been noticing the significance of where I place my attention. And noticing how much more I know about myself. Most moments, I can inhale and tap into my strength. I can become aware of how much I'm learning from my current experiences, how loved I am, how much joy I experience, how blessed I feel that those I love are healthy and protected. 

And most moments, I can exhale and feel my confusion, my doubt, my grief. I can feel lost. Sometimes I think this prayer practice is all about getting to know that feeling - the exhale. To stop ignoring, trying to fix it, or DO anything to it. To just understand that it's life. It's what people mean when they say that "life is suffering". That feeling, if one is tapped into the utter bullshit that we perpetrate on one another at times, is valid. 

And it's important, after exhaling, to then inhale again. And exhale. A full breath is a full life.

Food: I have found beauty in bananas in recent days. And I'm back to craving sweets. Pie, to be exact. Delicious pie.

Other nourishments:

The rain. 

The feisty DC security guards that make me laugh, and proud of my people. Black men are beautiful.

The "Masters of Sex" tv show (I'm just watching it, PLEASE no spoilers), and how it makes me grateful that I was born in this time, when women are much more understood. I certainly would have been diagnosed with hysteria back in the day.