Nourishment Challenge: Day 2

Prayer: In prayer with Auntie Gwen this morning, she reminded me that she would do anything for me. It made me feel like I did as a child: safe and unconditionally loved. I remembered that she calls me Nubian Queen. It's a time I always feel beautiful. Today I prayed for those who have been hurt, and thus hurt others. I prayed to ease that tendency in myself as well.

Food: I ate when I was hungry! Success! Was almost late to the airport this AM because I made a green smoothie. A bit concerned about the nasty airport turkey sandwich I ate, but I'm grateful that I have the means to buy food when I'm hungry. Not taking that for granted. Creole food for dinner, and BEIGNETS for dessert. BEIGNETS! Cause I'm in NEW ORLEANS!! 

Looking forward to being nourished by this city.

How were you nourished today?