Nourishment Challenge Day 20

Prayer Reflection: Sometimes a prayer can be a conversation. Prayer is flexible - it's water, conforming to the shape I need. There are so many definitions of prayer in the bible, not to mention the way other faiths interpret it.

I like thinking of prayer as pouring out my soul. I'm an infinite being in a finite body - that combo can grate on my ever-loving nerves. I need to pour my soul into a space that is as infinite and timeless as I am. The trees. My ancestors. To God. It relieves the pressure of being a contradiction. 

I think that's a lot of what this month has been for me. Relieving the pressure. Sharing myself with the folks who've known me since before I could talk. 

Food: Pizza and sushi have been dueling for the right to the "my favorite food" title since I was a girl. They're still at war. 

Other nourishments:

Realizing I've been emotionally unavailable to my husband, and reconnecting over 8 hours of conversation. Spending all day together just sharing with each other.

Hikes every day.

The Book of Life, by Deborah Harkness. Delicious.