Nourishment Challenge Day 25

Prayer Reflection: I woke up bleary eyed and foggy this morning. Dragged myself out of bed, threw myself in the shower, shuffled out the door. Stood in front of the tree in our backyard and prayed. 

Such joy and peace in that prayer. Although I'm tired, and I don't feel tip top, there's such peace in my heart. I've broken through a rough patch and can feel the sunshine on the other side.

This month has been a practice of inviting my shadow into my life. I call her Sheila. I've hidden her away for most of my life, and tried to disown her. She's wild - she dresses very provocatively, she's very sexually expressed, she drinks (a lot), and she says whatever occurs to her, without a filter. She's pretty sloppy most days. A very YOLO kinda chick. 

Thus, Nikki is a professional. I don't drink. I have trouble telling the truth when the truth is hard. I filter everything.

I wanted Sheila and Nikki to be the kind of sisters that support each other, not the kind of sisters who bring out the worst in each other. I'm further along in my journey now. 

Food: I made a bean and cheese enchilada with homemade sauce on Tuesday. I still haven't accepted that I can't even eat goat cheese. Diary, why do you treat me so badly? You know I love you so.

Other nourishment:

Long hike with Galen last night in the darkness and heat. Luscious. 

The Green for All team. They're so wonderful. Such a delight. 

The feeling in my chest when I listen to Michael Jackson's "I Can't Help It". It's hands-down my favorite MJ track.