Nourishment Challenge Day 5

Prayer Reflection: I fell off my game today. Meant to call my Uncle and didn't. Prayed with Galen again, which is a blessing in and of itself.

I'm much more connected to my sorrow now. It's just happened in the last few years. I was always connected to my joy, but I wasn't in deep relationship with my sorrow. Now, my sorrow and I are very familiar. 

I'm actually also in deeper relationship with my joy as a result. It's just that new relationships take adjusting, and sorrow is quite the friend. 

I'm glad I'm developing a deeper relationship with all parts of myself.

Food: Epic. A bacon praline ice cream Sunday with caramel. I can't even talk about it.

Other nourishments: 

My 2 year old friend Clair asking me to sit by a tree today. We didn't talk, just sat. It was beautiful.

Galen's strength. His courage. I'm deeply, deeply in love.