Nourishment Challenge: Day 6

Nourishment Challenge: Day 6

Prayer Reflection: Today I practiced noticing my joy when I felt sorrow, as an extension of yesterday. It was a deep practice. I can always notice the peace I carry with me if I focus my attention on it. But what do I gain by wallowing? I give myself permission not to try as hard when I wallow. I give myself an out. So much easier that way.

These prayers are doing a number on me. And the commitment to facing these reflections publicly means I really have to acknowledge what's coming up. It's uncomfortable. And completely necessary.

Food: Sweet potato biscuits with poached eggs, bacon hash, and grits. Fried green tomatoes, mussels, Drumfish and fennel. Goat cheese panna cotta, berry cobbler, banana bread pudding with rum sauce. 

I went ALL IN on this trip when it came to food. I am in desperate need of some greens. 

Other nourishment: 

The Yes We Code and Qeyno Youth Hackathon had a rites of passage libation & drumming ceremony to conclude the festivities. Beautiful.

Driving to Anne Rice's house (the one Lestat lived in, and the Mayfair witches) in a full car, with Kandyse McClure (Lieutenant Dualla from Battlestar) and an interracial couple that adopted us for an evening. We drove through quite a bit of the city, laughing and telling stories. There's nothing better than community.