Nourishment Challenge Day 7

Prayer Reflection:

I am broken. 
As we all are.
I am creation itself.
As we all are.
My vulnerability is a gift.
It's what the world is feeling.
Climate change. Oppression.
The possible end of our species.
These are not things to take lightly.
And my heart can't take them lightly.
My family taught me 
Early on
To sing. And dance. And laugh. To make things.
But without the companion 
Of the ability to cry
And scream
And face pain with courage
And strength
I can't truly make anything that will last.
That will address the root causes of our troubles 
as human people.
So I am laughing
And screaming
And dancing
And crying
And singing.
For us.


I am grateful for the grains, fruit, vegetables, and animals that sustain me.

I am grateful for fasting when it calls to me.

I am grateful for the opportunity to eat when I am hungry. The blessing that is eating when I am hungry.

How were you nourished today?