Happy National Science Fiction Day

Science Fiction reassures me that black people will, indeed, survive to see star ships. It gave me hope as a little black girl in late 80's/early 90's LA. We were at war with ourselves outside my front door. Inside my living room, on the carpet in my onesie, I could watch Lieutenant Geordi La Forge (the most negro future name anyone has EVER heard) and Guinan throw elbows on the Enterprise. I could watch my people paint a beautiful future. I could imagine myself greeting other types of beings with an attitude of exploration and peace, instead of suspicion and aggression.

And importantly, I could imagine myself as a significant player in the future. Guinan wasn't cleaning the ship - she was the mystical creature who the white dude captain would go to for advice. Geordi wasn't represented as an enemy, or a lowly Ensign - he was the Chief Engineer. They were both the propulsion of the ship; she its heart, he its body. I saw my people holding the spirit and the infrastructure of the future, which echos what I see my people doing in the present.

Today, when I need reminding that ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬, I still turn to scifi.