Nourishment Challenge: Day 2

Amaranth porridge with dried cranberries and pecans. 

Spotify has a series of interviews with Alanis Morissette about Jagged Little Pill, her thoughts and reflections (along with her co-writer) about each song. I had a long drive home this evening and listened to the whole thing. It brought back that time in my life. Middle school, emotion, my jilted teen years. The rawness of it nourished me. The ability to use voice to scream things that are too significant to be said in words. She does that beautifully.

A moment last night when my head was resting on Galen's chest. My ear was directly to his heartbeat, and my torso rose and fell as he took each breath. It was a moment of overwhelming gratitude for an indescribable love. His presence allows me to see things about myself that I didn't know existed - and this continues to happen every year. I'm bigger, fuller, more glorious because I am loved so exquisitely by this beautiful human being.