Nourishment Challenge: Day 3

I attend a weekly training in the Yogic Yama/Niyama, the Chakras, Gestalt Psychology, Shadow work and Organizational Development. The focus of this seven month session is on coaching and supervising. I've been engaging this curriculum since mid-last year. It came into my life when I was ready to dramatically deepen my reflective practice and discover new ways to take it into my professional life. I love the participants, and the deeply intimate way we exchange with one another. I'm glad for more than half a year of commitment to practice with one another. The themes today: the difference between longing and belonging; holding everything as sacred; guardedness with ourselves and others. 

I went to visit a dear friend in hospice this evening, on the heels of this deep reflection about the way I bond with others. I sat with him, held his hand, and looked into his eyes as he skirted the other realm. I love him and his wife dearly - they have been like godparents to Galen and I. The privilege of being with them in such a tender time is nourishing for me. The profound way I felt his love for me brought me to tears. His vulnerability brought me to tears. As I walk steadily toward my own threshold of child conception, to see him on the brink of exiting this world with such grace and courage grounds me in the cycle of life. That cycle is laughter, grief, passion, sadness, and ecstasy all wrapped up into one. That cycle brings me closer to the oneness of life. I hope to always create the space to honor both doorways to life: the first time the eyes open and the last time they close.