Nourishment Challenge: Day 9

Days 5 – 8: Silence. Watching. Listening. When I’m reminded that the world is on fire in a way that touches my particular compassion cord, I encourage myself to be quiet. And then I encourage myself to grieve in a way that honors loss of life and the often subsequent othering of the perpetrator. What does my grief look like? Screaming? Crying? The biblical gnashing of teeth? If I can take the time to give myself over completely to grief for a short time, I can connect to the beings that are suffering. I can be present.

Day 9: Black. People. Because Obama popped off, Patti’s pies, and Missy.

I am deeply nourished by the fierceness of my people’s urge to laugh, to be fully expressed, to celebrate life in the face of hurricanes. When the President of the United States uses the phrase “if folks wanna pop off” in reference to ISIS strategy, when a brotha transforms into Patti Labelle while eating her pies in a video review, when my girl Missy Elliot casually drops FIRE after years of not being on the scene…we are truly magnificent. Breathing in the rawness and sass and funk and soul and swagger and love of black people gives me life.