Photo credit: Elaine Patarini

Photo credit: Elaine Patarini

Jan 24th: LIFT Economy's Regenerative Agriculture Soiree (San Francisco, CA)

Jan 29th: HERE WE ARE Experience (Oakland, CA)

Jan 31st: UC Davis' Campus Community Book Project (Davis, CA)

Feb 2nd: Organicology (Portland, OR)

Apr 27th: Foundation for Healthy Generation's Science of Hope (Seattle, WA)

May 4th - 7th: Nationbuilder's Women's Conference (Los Angeles, CA)

Jun 15th: Ellen Macarthur Foundation's 2017 Circular Economy Summit (London, UK)

July 15th - 22nd: Rest, Rejuvenation and Soil Carbon Study (Big Island, HI)

Aug 17th - 29th: Shadow and The Body Retreat (WI)

Oct 5th: Boston College's Park Street Corporation Speaker's Series (Boston, MA)

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