To The Women Who Feel the “Triple Bottom Line” as a Heartbeat

To the women who wake up in the middle of the night scheming on ways to balance people, planet and profit. Who run successful businesses and love the ambitious angel on their shoulder, whispering ways to serve their people with more depth and lasting results. Who want their spirits, hearts and bodies to be as rich and satiated as their minds. 

Thank You 

You push yourself for me and mine. You dare to emphasize relationship-based ways of being in rooms of men that could impact your access to resources, because you’d rather be in alignment with your calling than hide. You make hard choices about your business and projects that make others say “but you could grow so much faster” - you know that balancing metrics with beauty can be harder to see, but easy to feel. You make decisions in harmony with ecological regeneration knowing the earth will continue to hurt in your lifetime. And you do all this even though you still feel conflicted about it sometimes, because a deeper, wiser part of you tells you it’s the right thing.

You’ve Inspired Me To Be Better Because…

Every little while the paralyzing nature of dying biodiversity and human trafficking and the wealth gap and all the things seeps into your bones and brings the rageful, once-in-five-years tears: you want to thrive but find that sometimes self-worth is scarce; you feel your sacrifices and wonder who appreciates what it takes to do good against ridiculous odds; you feel the weight of what you carry breaking your back.

And still you care. You stay connected to pain that feels sometimes unmanageable because you know that the (magic) healing is in the caring. And still you value realness. You push yourself to stop self sabotage so you’re not one of the things trying to tear you down. You have high standards and watch your decreasing tolerance for BS, greed, and excuses. 

You invest in the unseen. In your dark moments you’re wise enough to know that you need what’s beyond. So you’ve kicked up your rituals/ceremony/sacred juju cause you know that's the thing keeping the wheels on the wagon, for you and for everyone. 

Moving Forward: What We’ll Need

You (we) feel, know and experience what is true, real and confronting. So we are and will be at the forefront of ensuring humanity’s joy, will and soul don't collapse under the grief weight of change. Our Western habits of excess brought us joy too - we raised our children on it, created culture around it, made songs and stories and community from it. It might hurt to release the past and build new, harmonious life.

Some of us are already hard at work building the new identities, boundaries, career paths, and ways of loving ourselves that will blueprint the future. We'll need to be sophisticated in our use of the feminine and masculine aspects of power. We'll need experience leveraging millions of dollars for the highest benefit of all. We'll need a gentle firm approach to our inner demons, and be walking/talking vortexes of personal integration.  And we’ll need to practice all of this enough to be wise grandmothers in a few decades, when our Jedi/Bene Gesserit/3 Eyed Raven level of mastery and wisdom will Shepard our families and communities through the coming changes.

What I wish for us in 2019

Booty, sass and magic.

Hot baths, deep breaths and scalp massages.

Song & hip rhythms that are your perfect beat.

Rituals that make you feel taller, fuller, and heart rich.

Beauty around you reminding you of sacred fertility in the most challenging moments.

Bonding with one another so we can practice in sacred community.

I’m sorry for the times I judge you and fear you. Forgive me. 

Thank you again for your courage, commitment and care. 

I love you, and I’m here for all of it.