Diversity and Inclusion Q&A: Hiring

One of my bodies of work is supporting environmentally-focused businesses and organizations to build high performance teams through diversity and inclusion. My clients tend to have similar struggles related to internal systems and culture.

For the next two weeks, I’ll be presenting webinars through Facebook Live with my colleague LaKita Williams of CoCreate Work to answer your questions about company culture, diversity, and inclusion.

Our first “Tea and Talk” Q&A on March 20th focused on hiring (check out the replay!), and if you didn’t catch it, here’s a brief recap:

What systems, structures and processes do you need in place to support hiring?

Company values and agreements: Prioritize interview questions related to your values in addition to questions about experience and qualifications. If you value collaboration, ask about collaboration history. If you value personal responsibility for mistakes, ask about their history with conflict and missteps.

Interview and debrief by panel: Ensure that your hiring panel is no less than two people and no more than four, and check each other for bias.

Look for potential in growth: You can teach many hard skills necessary for success - be on the lookout for places where you do not absolutely need an expert.

How do you prioritize hiring as an experience, especially as related to diversity and inclusion?

It’s all about relationships and attending to the pipeline in an ongoing way.

Form relationships with professional associations that cater toward underrepresented communities, BEFORE you need to hire. Build relationships in an ongoing way so people feel authentically engaged and not used.

Build trust with those organizations and trusted partners so you receive feedback on your internal culture BEFORE you hire, which supports an inclusive culture and retention.

For more goodies on a 3-step process to begin diversity and inclusion work, sneaky ways bias shows up, and other discussions you can watch a replay of the webinar here.

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Nikki Silvestri