Real Talk About Sabbaticals

I'm BEYOND excited about Autumn. It's my birthday season (holla), it's time to remember the ancestors, it's the dark time of year when shadow work is the place to be.

I wanted to dig deeper into difficult and intimate conversations this Fall - so my team launched Joy + Impact Conversations in our private Facebook group. 

These Conversations are a regular dialogue series on high performance in social change, shadow integration as a woman leader, how to support our nervous systems in tough negotiations and many others. It's an opportunity to get into the grittier, "keep it real" dynamics in our work.

The inaugural conversation was with Sarah Shanley Hope of the Solutions Project, and I'm glad to share it with you.

 Sarah is a mother, community leader and change-maker working in the climate, economic development and racial justice fields. She's also one of my closest friends and confidantes - I could say so much about her. The nugget I'll leave you with is that it's incredibly difficult to integrate celebrities, millions of dollars, national influence, grassroots leaders, leaders of color, indigenous leaders, and integrity. She does. Take note.

In our Joy + Impact Conversation, "Real Talk About Sabbaticals", Sarah and I dig into:

  • Her honest and vulnerable experience as a non-profit executive and mother of two daughters

  • The secret to solving the boom or bust nature of non-profit finance models and how to recover from crisis and chaos to lead upward.

  • The three things workaholism and motherhood simultaneously vie for and how to reclaim your dignity in both.

  • The truth about burnout, anxiety, resistance, and how feminine whole-self leadership is possible.

  • What non-working offers and where the root causes of burnout lives.

  • How to hack your Sabbatical to find new ways of incorporating them into your yearly plan.

  • The simple, yet profound skills she now uses upon returning from Sabbatical. 

I hope you enjoy - once you listen, shoot me a note via Instagram (@nikki_silvestri) and let me know what resonated.

Nikki Silvestri