Build Community and Influence Change

I stopped posting anything political or "opinionated" about current events on Facebook a few years ago. If you're like me, you need frequent breaks from Twitter and Facebook to maintain sanity and goodwill toward fellow humans.

We’re in a time of clarity and confrontation around what must be reconciled for our society to be whole and healthy. It’s painful and destabilizing. While sarcasm and bitterness can feel momentarily soothing (especially on social media), they can also interrupt healing and integration.

Orienting toward grace, power and sovereignty not only transforms systems in a lasting way, it ensures that we cultivate inner peace in the process. What would it look like for those of us who serve and lead to meet our families, friends and lives with joy, in the midst of chaos?

It would be wondrous. For all.

As our society and planet get increasingly vulnerable, it will be the leaders of today who become the elders that reinforce this message when the wheels fall off the wagon. This deeper wisdom takes decades to hone, and many of us are ready to (or already have) committed to the long arc.

The more attention this grace + power = soveriegnty narrative gets, the more it can transform echo chambers and our current culture of mud-slinging.

This is what's pulling me back into online dialogue - the opportunity to converse with leaders who celebrate vulnerability and embody grace + power.

Watch my conversation with Hosan Lee HERE