1:1 Coaching Program


During my career as a non-profit and for-profit CEO, I’ve been in the washing machine of leadership triumphs and challenges. I’ve felt the burn of human-resource struggles with employees that I’ve invested in. I’ve felt the pride of raising millions of dollars, only to see it dampened by the cost to my body. I’ve walked off of national television broadcasts to find a marriage threatened by my inability to “turn work off.” I’ve faced the pain of years-long fertility struggles and watched this journey transform my life.


I’ve managed, trained and coached dozens of people. I’ve helped them fit better on teams, and cultivate teams that fit better together. I’ve helped them more clearly articulate their goals and walked them through the achievement process. I’ve helped clarify blockages, and drawn roadmaps for clearing them. I’ve helped change-makers at all stages in their careers step into deeper leadership.

The methodologies I work with range from ancient spiritual practices to modern gestalt organizational development. And as I teach, I do: my commitment to staying present with my own development means that I will be a practice partner in your journey.

What you get

You know the brainteaser that asks you to connect a square of 9 dots with four straight lines without picking up your pencil?


The answer is to step "outside the box", as you can see in the bottom left corner - it adds a 10th dot to the 9 dot matrix. The 10th Dot is stepping outside the box. But if you can do that once, the real question is: can you do it again? Can you make it a habit so you always have that way of thinking and acting available to you?

That's the 11th Dot. It's the second time you break down walls and create new realities that build the pathway for you to do it a third time, and beyond. 

To do this consistently, you usually need to confront your "shadow" - the parts of you that stand in the way of your success. It also requires leadership development - honing your natural gifts into reliable skills.

That's what you'll get from this coaching program. The tools, practice and habits that keep you outside the box and in your zone of genius.


This 3-month tested process for transformation will:

Sharpen your perception of the information you receive from your body, mind, heart and spirit.

Strengthen the integration of your feeling self and thinking self, so you can recognize valuable data that helps you make decisions.

Reveal the gems of relationship-centered decision-making, and how to use them to improve personal and professional outcomes.

Clarify potential pitfalls of your unique leadership style and offer practices to strengthen your areas of challenges

How It Works

Duration: The Coaching Program is three months, beginning anytime you'd like. The program incorporates live digital sessions, online chat and a bit of homework.


(7) 90-minute coaching calls every other week, to cycle through a program integrating leadership development tools and mindfulness practices so you can partner with all sides of yourself and serve your life in wholeness. 

(4) Private “when you need ‘em” one-on-one support calls that you can use anytime during our 3 months together (1 hour each). Think of this as your life line in integration work.

Our recorded coaching calls will also act as Training Videos of tools to help you reach your spiritual, personal and professional goals with more focus and productivity (without the burnout or overwhelm).

Voxer support so you have a record of spontaneous insights, can ask me “in the moment” questions, and receive tailored visualizations and meditations. You might find a few funny messages in there too. :) 

Many coaching program tools provided courtesy of 10th Dot Transformations®.

I invest in my 1:1 clients, so I only take on a handful at a time - 2019 applications have just opened, so reserve your spot now.

Once you fill out an application, we'll get on the phone and determine whether this is the right program for you.

If this resonates, I'd love to speak with you!