3 tools to thrive in chaos

observe and work with the cycle of Creation, Sustaining and DestructioN

What is the nature of resistance? When does it work? How does it work? How much is too much? What happens next?

In the end, we grounded ourselves in cycles. These are undoubtedly times of crisis. And even in crisis, natural rhythms of change and transition are at work. Destruction leads to creation; new creations are sustained; and when creations outgrow their relevance, the cycle begins again.


Expose and integrate your shadow

Shadows are the hidden aspects of ourselves, the parts we’re afraid of. Our power. Our drive to dominate. Our capacity for destruction. We try to disown these things, but when we do, they own us. Shadow is acting on us all the time: in our family, our relationships, and our work. If you don’t accept it and integrate it, shadow takes the wheel, leaving you feeling out of control.

When we embrace the most uncomfortable parts of ourselves they become our superpower. It’s about not being afraid anymore—of anger, authority, pain or suffering, or even our capacity for love. Fear is simply a precursor to integrating shadow. Integrate your hidden self, and it won’t scare you anymore. 


Build Fertile Communities

We build communities in our image. Fertility - complex, interconnected relationships that create conditions conducive to life - is one of the most useful frames for how to “be” on the inside so that we build something stellar on the outside.

Fertility teaches us:

  • To love the vulnerability inherent in real strength.

  • Core reasons why we get “stuck” in our ways.

  • How to view diversity as an asset instead of a threat.

Click the link below to learn about social fertility through the lens of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.


I hope this was useful - if you want more tools, stories and resources to use in your leadership journey, I’d love to keep in touch.