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Photo by Margo Duane

Photo by Margo Duane

I feel re­freshed and rejuvenated after three weeks offline from email during the holidays. It's such a good feeling! I'm wishing you space and relaxation as well - if you didn’t get a break over the holidays I'm wishing you one soon.

Here’s what I’m focused on in q1 2019:

Stakeholder Experience and Engagement Projects:

My business, Soil and Shadow, designs community engagement projects for environment-focused nonprofits and businesses. This quarter we're finishing up an interview series on the intersection of spirituality, ecology and culture and an organizational culture assessment of one of the largest organic certifiers in the country. If you're interested in working with us on organizational culture assessments, events within your community, interviews with your stakeholders or other projects, we have room for a few more collaborations in 2019. Schedule a free consultation and let's chat.

Spending Time with Inspirational Women:

I have an embarrassment of riches this quarter when it comes to connecting with women who inspire me in ecology and business. I had the honor of singing on the MainStage at the Napa Valley Women's March on January 19th. What a great way to start the year! The following week was a deep dive in regenerative agriculture - I facilitated an EcoFarm field day at Paicines Ranch on "Women in Regenerative Agriculture", and I'll finish the week keynoting on the EcoFarm MainStage. I round out the quarter with a talk in the Inspiring Women in Soul Series.

"Triple Bottom Line" Women: Interview Series: Are you a woman social entrepreneur who has high standards around people, planet and profit in your business? Do you have (or want) a soulful, joyful, loving approach to your work in the world - even as it feels like chaos is taking over all around us? If so, I'd love to interview you for a project I'm working on. Let's jump on the phone!

Personal Bonus Goal: Better sleep! Send me all the good juju, please. My toddler and I will be creating a more restful sleep routine this quarter. Change is hard. For all of us who are experiencing or supporting developmental milestones, I salute you and I'm with you.

If we can collaborate on any of the above, I'd love to connect.

Updated 01.21.2019. Inspired by Jadah Sellner's "Now Page".