Shadow LAb™


Shadow Lab™

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The Shadow Lab is a place where your whole self is celebrated—all those messy, contradictory parts that you rarely let out. It’s a systemic process that increases your power and frees you to be at ease with yourself, shortening the time it takes to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

What Is Shadow?

Shadow is the hidden aspects of ourselves, the parts we’re afraid of. Our power. Our drive to dominate. Our capacity for destruction. We try to disown these things, but when we do, they own us. Shadow is acting on us all the time: in our family, our relationships, and our work. If you don’t accept it and integrate it, shadow takes the wheel, leaving you feeling out of control.

This is an invitation to embrace the most uncomfortable parts of yourself, and to turn them into your superpower. It’s about not being afraid anymore—of anger, authority, pain or suffering, or even your capacity for love. Fear is simply a precursor to integrating shadow. Integrate your hidden self, and it won’t scare you anymore.  

How It Works

Duration: Shadow Lab™ is a three-month coaching program, running from July 12th – September 27th (applications close on July 2nd). that incorporates live digital sessions, personal phone calls, online chat, and a bit of homework (as much or little as you want to take on).

Lab Curriculum:

(7) Twice a month live interactive group video sessions where you’ll learn practices that will reveal information about your response to feedback, your orientation toward conflict, and your capacity for discomfort. From there, I’ll help you build pathways that let you partner with your weaknesses and increase your self-power—all by incorporating shadow into work, family, relationships, and life.

(2) Two half-hour “rapid-response” private phone sessions with me, when it’s time to dive a little deeper 1:1. They happen on your terms; you and I can schedule these whenever you need them most. There’s also an upgrade option if you’d like more 1:1 sessions – let me know if that’s something you’re interested in when you fill out the application.

On-call support via Voxer (it’s kind of like a walkie-talkie app for your phone).

All the digital group chat you want with the 10 extraordinary women who are sharing this experience with you.

At the end of the three months, you’ll have more clarity, more capacity, more realness, and more comfort with yourself—weakness, strength, love, anger, everything, all of it. The sessions will be also available to you as training videos, to use as support whenever you need it.

Program Highlights

Over the three months of the Shadow Lab™, we’ll cover:

  •      Self-care and capacity (and how noticing is the first step)
  •      Meditation and body awareness
  •      Keeping it real: understanding destructiveness, vindictiveness, jealousy
  •      Mining the data: finding truth in contradictory feelings
  •      How to receive feedback
  •      Consent and defensiveness
  •      Attraction and repulsion in relationships (and with those people you just can’t seem to get along with)
  •       Letting it all out: suppression and its effect on the self
  •      “Am I projecting, or is it me?” (spoiler: they’re both true)
  •       And so much more good stuff . . .

This upcoming 2018 Shadow Lab™ is a first-ever group program, limited to 10 participants, offered just for members of the Dream Freedom Beauty community.

Investment: $1,499.

Need to know a bit more? About me? About what’s involved? Jump down to the FAQs.

Photo by Elaine Patarini

Photo by Elaine Patarini


Frequently Asked Questions


Why shadow? And why me?

About four years ago, I was fired from my life. I’m talking all of it: my job, my sense of self, even my best friend. Everything I thought was the backbone of my world was just: Nope. Even fertility seemed to be turning it’s back on me. So, I had a breakdown.

Projects don’t work out, relationships change, creating a baby can be hard. But why did this happen all at once, and why couldn’t I cope? Here’s why: because I was trying desperately to make things work they way I wanted them to, instead of meeting things as they were. I was avoiding—in fact, actively rejecting—the shadow side of my life: anxiety, fear, jealousy, aggression, want, and even that little voice telling me that something had to change. I was ignoring shadow, but it wasn’t ignoring me. And in the end it overwhelmed my life.

After everything fell apart, I started to work with an incredible executive coach, who became my first introduction to shadow work. In our sessions, I noticed that this person seemed to be quietly working on a deeper side of me, while on the surface we talked about leadership, career goals, the usual things. And it was that deeper work that was changing me.

So I began taking my own investigative journey into shadow: what it does when it’s ignored and what it does when it’s embraced. That work has culminated in the Shadow Lab™.

I got the life I wanted. But I don’t want anyone to have to go through a severe breakdown like the one I had just to reach that place. Starting this journey can be scary, and I am lucky, so lucky, that I had a guide. And now I want to be that guide for others.


Why you? And who else is taking this course?

This is a program I have previously offered on one-on-one basis, but this special beta group course is available exclusively to the Dream Freedom Beauty community. If that’s how you heard about his, you might be an artist, a team leader, an administrator, anything, but you are definitely familiar with interpersonal work and all the crazy magic that lives within you.

You also probably know that along with that magic comes a certain amount of smelly, burbling compost, rotting away and sending out all kinds of strange and unpleasant shoots. And you know that if you don’t work with it and turn it into soil, it’s going to get ugly, and it’s going to interfere with your ability to fully experience your life. Or it might just upend your life altogether, like it did mine.

That makes you someone who is looking for a process to integrate that compost—the most uncomfortable parts of yourself—and make it work for you instead of against you. So that’s you, and that’s the nine other women who will be taking part in the Shadow Lab™ with you.


What kind of work will we be doing? Is it scary?

Working with shadow is always a bit frightening. But that’s why you’re here. That discomfort is telling you that you know something is at work in yourself, and that you need to cast a light on it.

Shadow Lab™ incorporates practices that work on you during and outside of the course sessions, running like a background program to make powerful changes. But there is also work that you need to do on the surface. It’s a lot like the scientific method: you propose and explore questions, gather data, make a hypothesis, and then test it.


What if I can’t afford it? And what if I don’t have time?

This level of work requires investment, not just financially, but emotionally, spiritually, and mentally as well. And that investment is two ways: on my part, I’m holding a sacred container, and I’m giving what’s inside it the time and attention it deserves. Shadow work asks that you get to know me, and I get to know you—that’s why I’m keeping this course small, to a limit of ten people, so I can provide that individual attention.

Fill out the application and let’s talk. We can decide together if this is the right time and investment for you at this point in your life. If you’re not in a place where you can make the investment right now, or if you won’t be available for this run of the course, there are other resources I can point you to.


What happens next? And how do I apply?

The first step is for you to send me your details. Then I’ll follow up and book a phone chat, so you can learn more about me and the program, and I can learn more about you. If we both agree that this is the right time for you, I’ll send you an invitation and we can take it from there. If the timing isn’t right, we’ll chat about some next steps you can take on your own.

Either way, I look forward to getting to know you. You can also join my email list, or just send me a note if you have questions before you apply.